Prayer Room

Welcome to The Prayer Room for the Michigan Region of the Collegiate Church Network! We are so grateful that you have taken the time to join us in seeking God on behalf of the next generation of Michigan college students. We long to see college campuses across our state become places where God is glorified and where students find the Full Life in Christ, rather than the “college life” that for many promises fullness but only gives emptiness.

Your time in the prayer room will begin with about 10 minutes of preparation, as you, with the Holy Spirit, prepare your heart and mind to earnestly seek God in prayer. Prayer involves more than the requests that we make. Prayer also involves the person making those requests, so, to begin, we want to lead you into a time to prepare yourself to come boldly to Jesus’ throne of grace.

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Next you will be given an opportunity to pray for three areas: specific church and campus needs, the missionaries that are serving at these churches and on these campuses, and international partnerships that these churches have developed.

At the end of your time you will have the option to leave a note to reflect on your experience or to leave a note for a church or missionary.

We pray that your time in The Prayer Room will be protected by God, that it will be refreshing to your soul, and that you will know that your Father in Heaven hears every request, those spoken and unspoken. Thank you for joining us in prayer! Now, continue in The Prayer Room and spend time with your God who loves you and who tells you to ask.